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2001-10-31,KSDW Services department was founded.
2004-12,The first Automatic gantry line—Ni/Au plating equipment, successfully R&D and delivered to Enduser.
2005-12,KSDW was founded then KSDW Services department was cancelled, because of the development need for enterprise.
2006-10,The first VCP was born. It is still running well till now.
2007-2009,According to the feedback from the market required and enduser, KSDW pay more attention on R&D to improve& technology update, finally finished the standard design of the VCP.
2010-06,The Second Generation Standard VCP successfully applied to FPC Copper and Ni/Au plating.
2011-06,The wholly-owned subsidiaries KSDW-Machinery was founded, specialized in hardware products electroplating equipment.
    07,KSDW successfully pass SGS-ISO9000 certification.
    08,KSDW have the first invention patent authorization about VCP.
2012-10,VCP-A635 series successfully applied to Foxconn & Gold Circuit- 12lines in total, which marked our product VCP realized the leader of standard producing and industrial scale in plating equipment field.
    08,KSDW have the Honor from China government of the new and high technology enterprise.
2013-10,The wholly-owned subsidiaries, KSDW-Anhui was founded as to be the manufacturing base, and at December 2014, it started to be put into operation.
2014-02,The wholly-owned subsidiaries, KSDW-Shenzhen was founded, its business scope is sales and service for the South of China.
2015-08,The 200th VCP was finished, and now it’s used by EUCON- Shanghai.