About PCB and PCB Wet process

In electronice,printed circuit boards,or PCBs,are used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways,or traces,etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.Alternative names are printed wiring board or PWB or etched wiring board.After populating the board with electronic components,a printed circuit assembly(PCA)is formed.PCBs are rugged,inexpensive,and can be highly reliable.They require much more layout effort and higher initial cost than either wire-wrapped or point-to-point constructed circuits,but are much cheaper,faster,and consistent in high volume production.


Traditional PCB by the requirement of the product features;It has single-sided,double-sided,multilayer,and flesible board.
As technology advances,there are also appeared IC support board and roll-to-roll fiexible board.
Both forms of PCB,in the traditional manufacturing process,fine lines,multiple layers,ultra thin board greatly challenged the PCB manufacturer's manufacturing capacity.The wet process,especially the electroplating process,is the key factor of the whole PCB production...


KSDW established electroplating technology research and development centers,specifically for electroplating technology of PCB industry,provide new equipment to meet the requirements of the process,These include Panel Plating Line,Pattern Plating Line,PTH Line,Chemical Nickel-Gold Line.


Process of Desmear+PTH
Load -swelling -Rinse -KMnO4 -Recover -Hot Rinse - Rinse -Neutralization -Rinse -Degreasing -Hot Rinse -Rinse -Microetching -Rinse -Predip -Activation -Rinse -Accelerate -Rinse -Electroless Copper -Rinse -Unload -Process of Pane plating -Load -Cleaning -Rinse -Microetching -Rinse -Predip -Copper electroplating - Rinse -Unload -Srtipping -Rinse

Process of Pattern Plating
Load -Cleaning -Rinse -Microetching -Rinse -Predip -Copper electroplating -Rinse -Perdip -Tin electroplating -Rinse -Unload -Stripping -Rinse

Process of chemical nickel fold plating
Load -Cleaning -Hot Rinse -Rinse -Microetching -Rinse -Acid pickling -Rinse -Perdip -Activation -Rinse -Electroless Nickel -Rinse -Electroless Gold -Recover -Rinse -Hot Rinse -Unload

Process of nickel gold electroplating
Load -Cleaning -Rinse -Microetching -Rinse -Acid pickling -Rinse -Nickel electroplating -Rinse -Activation -Rinse -Gold electroplating -Recover -Rinse -Unload


KSDW®Panel Plating Line/Pattern Plating Line